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Free Xbox Live Codes No Surveys Or Offers

How To Get Free Xbox LIVE Codes Without Surveys Or Offers

Xbox Live is an excellent source of getting free Xbox games, trailers, and demos. The Live experience is an exciting way to explore new games and try them out before you want to purchase them using free Xbox live codes.

Described as a Game Changer by Xbox, the Xbox Live experience will provide you with a virtual marketplace full of game add-ons including new songs, maps, levels and a unique character to refresh and re-energize the excitement factor in your gaming experience.

Another significant advantage of Xbox Live is that it offers the player with unlimited multiplayer and co-op online gaming opportunity so that you can enjoy the experience of competing with other online gamers in real time, or rather in realistic virtual time, the whole medium of interaction being virtually through the internet. Indeed it is a fascinating experience for both gamers and families and kids to enjoy the extra enthusiasm of  Xbox Live.

Is Xbox Live a free service?

Xbox Live is offered both as a free service and as a subscription offer by Microsoft. Therefore, if you are wondering whether getting free Xbox Live is a legitimate Microsoft membership plan or not, then let this article assure your gamer psyche that indeed Xbox Live can be accessed for free through Microsoft.

In fact, there are two kinds of Live subscription plans, free and Gold, the Gold one being the paid membership one. Gamers can indeed enjoy Xbox Live free, but the point to be noted is that the free service offers somewhat less gaming opportunities than the paid Xbox Live Gold membership.

It is also interesting to note in this context that before October 2010, Xbox Live Free was known as Xbox Live Silver, distinguishing it from the paid Gold service of Xbox Live.

How to get Xbox Live Codes For free 2022

Xbox Live free can be got from Microsoft, but that is Xbox Live Free. If you are looking forward to getting Xbox Live Gold membership free, then you can get that too, from some of the sites providing free Xbox Live Gold codes.

These sites are a great way indeed to avoid any cumbersome hassles to get Xbox Live Gold paid membership, and with the codes, you gain access to Xbox Live marketplace, where you can get loads of fun for free. All you have to do to get Xbox Live Gold free is to do a simple internet search, and you will find many sites offering gold codes for free to gamers.

With the free gold codes, you can enter the Xbox Live marketplace and gain access to hundreds of game add-ons and cool game-related features of Xbox Live.

Difference between Xbox Live free and Xbox Live Gold

Xbox live free and Xbox Live Gold both is Live gaming experiences offered by Microsoft. The critical difference is, of course, obvious, that of one of it being free and the other one being a paid membership.

Apart from this main difference, other main difference between the two plans is that in the Gold membership, you gain heightened access to the Xbox marketplace, with a lot of cool game features to download and use. With Xbox Live free, you get only some limited advantages.

Another significant difference between the two plans is that the Gold plan allows you to compete with other virtual competitors in the Xbox domain, which cannot be easily accessed by the Free codes of Xbox Live.

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