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Roblox Beginners Guide: Top 7 tips to start ahead of the competition

As you all know Roblox is the Top game which required no introduction. Played by almost 2 million people worldwide, it has got immense support from all game developer and game enthusiast. If you are a beginner in Roblox and want to create new game trainee, then you should download first Roblox Studio.

We have made the most import beginners guide which will keep you ahead of the competition by collecting more free Robux codes easily.

Top 7 Tips For Beginners In Roblox

There are many guides who will help you learn the basic rope of playing Roblox game, but we have summarized 7 important and useful tips which will make you ahead of your competitors.

You can always check the full tutorial here. So, check out our top 7 tips for beginners.

  1. Start with building terrain in Roblox Studio:

You need to start building the terrain first in Roblox Studio to get started working in Roblox. Roblox studio is free software available online for making Roblox game and publishing it on Roblox environment (server).

To start making Terrain, you can choose templates which are given in Roblox studio. You need to customize those templates according to your need. Before you jump into making a terrain check all the YouTube video available to make terrain.

You should check all templates like city, racing track, running track, house, sub-urban to start building terrain.

You can also use template based on themes, these themes add a wide range of option and can be used to settle up the entire environment. You can use a theme such as

  • Suburban
  • Pirate Island
  • Medieval age
  • Western world
  • City
  • Future world
  • Fairy Island
  • Magical world

You can also find gameplay template which is ready to play type and can be used straight away to get going in the game. You can modify little, or you can use it and start publishing it on Roblox server.

  1. Choose the correct surface of the Objects:

Choosing the correct surface of the objects are the vital points when you start building your terrain. There are two ways by which you can change the surface of the Objects.

  • By selecting the object
  • Right-clicking the object and changing the properties

(a) Selecting the Object: you can choose different surfaces like smooth, studs, inlets, universal, glue or motor. These surfaces when change can give you a better look and should give an ambiance to the whole environment of your game terrain. Choose what type of surface which fit your environment and enhances the gameplay.

(b) Right-clicking the object and changing the properties: You can also change any surface by going to properties and then go to options and change it to your desired texture.

  1. Choose Correct Moving Options:

After making the terrain, you need to decide what type of moving option you want on your block or terrain. There are three types of moving option

  • 1 Stud
  • 1/5 Studs
  • Off
  • 1 Stud: Stud means block which is enclosed by four dot boundaries if you choose 1 stud that means, you can move one block. This option is the default option, and maximum people use this option for making their terrain. You can use this for all tracks like jogging track, racing track or walking track.
  • 1/5 Studs: this option is used when you want your character should move only 1/5 position in the block.
  • OFF: you can use this option when you don’t want to restrict your character in the block.
  1. Turn On or OFF Collisions:

depending on the terrain and object you can turn on or off collision option. These options should be used when you want to open door or jump on solid hills or hitting house or tree. Use this option judiciously to get going and make your terrain and environment looks real and easy to play.

  1. Make you object floating:

There are many times when you need to make your object floating like a weapon, or brick or model or other game items. For that, you need to turn on the anchor setting above the object.

We all love to check new objects which are floating in the air; you might put some game items which such as weapon which is keep on floating. These floating items can increase the game enthusiasm and give it very modern game appearance. You should defiantly try to do object floating in your terrain to attract more players in your environment.

  1. Grouping all related parts:

If you are new to Roblox Studio and are developing your new terrain, one killer tip is to make your terrain looks organize. For that purpose, you should group all related objects and make it look organized.

Make sure that you did not overdo any object or make it look crowded. Try to put small object first then add more if you want more.

  1. Try Rotating object:

If you want to give a little more edge in your game terrain, then try to put rotating objects. It will increase your environment ambiance, and the game will look decent with all those rotating objects.

For making rotating object select the object and click on Ctrl+R on your keyboard. For Tilting object, you should press and hold Ctrl + T

Final words

Use these awesome tips to get ahead of your competitors, and if you follow our guideline meticulously, then you should also make your game environment very dramatic. Publish your masterpiece and show to the world how you can make new terrain and enhance the gameplay of Roblox.

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